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General Purpose Shipping Containers

General Purpose Shipping containers have come a long way since their first incarnation as ‘trucks without wheels’, but the original, general purpose shipping containers that can be seen on ships and trains and at ports such as Port Melbourne are still the most-used, most popular containers around today. Portable, stackable, easily transferred from ship to truck to train to warehouse, they can withstand wind, heat, rain and years of travel – and then they’re often converted into something else for a few more years’ service!

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we have a wide range of new and used shipping containers that you can buy, hire or modify. General purpose containers are available in 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot sizes and all come equipped with double doors that open to a full 270°. High cube and side loading containers are also available. These are ideal for either shipping or converting into other purposes. Conversions can range from the simple (shelves, windows, doors, air-vents, air-conditioning etc) to the magnificent (as a quick look around the internet, and even our own special projects page will show.)

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Used or New or ‘One Trip’ General Shipping Containers Available

Our whole container business started off with buying and selling used general purpose shipping containers, so it’s pretty safe to say that when you buy a general purpose shipping container from Shipping Containers Melbourne, you’re buying from the experts! All our used containers are of the highest quality: we give every one of them a thorough quality check and are then graded, and we also offer a 100% money back guarantee. We also offer new or ‘single trip’ containers, as they are known in the industry. They are new, but rather than send them over empty, the manufacturers will arrange that they’re shipped with a light load (generally of boxed goods) so that they’re not wasting energy shipping an empty container.

Add Some Accessories to Your General Shipping Container

We have many accessories available that allow you to customise your general purpose shipping container in a way to suit you. You could add a whirlybird or air vents, windows, shelving, electricity and data points, benches, cupboards, lights, paintwork, lockboxes and more. More extensive modifications can transform your container into a great living space or workspace, and we can also custom-modify your container. If you have an idea that a shipping container could be converted to help your business – a trade show exhibit, a coffee truck, funky bar or restaurant, then we’re the folks for you. Here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, we have access to our own container modification shop which means we can transform your shipping container into almost anything you can think of. Try us and see!

High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube shipping containers are virtually exactly the same as a general purpose shipping container, but they are an extra foot taller. Like a general purpose shipping container, they are available in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes, and can be stacked on top of each other easily and efficiently. The extra height does give extra space, and is excellent for converting into other purposes because of the extra headroom. However, it is worth noting when shipping your goods that though the container has extra room, the weight of the goods is restricted to the same weight a standard shipping container carries.

Side Loading Shipping Containers

Side opening shipping containers are another form of general purpose containers. The difference lies in the fact that one side of the container has been converted into two bi-fold opening doors. Side opening shipping containers make loading and unloading very easy, because a forklift can drive straight in and stack or unstack the goods. It’s also convenient because goods can be accessed from more positions in the container. At Shipping Containers Melbourne, side loading containers are available in 20-foot sizes, or we can modify 40 foot containers if necessary.

High Cube Shipping Containers – Perfect for Shipping or Converting

A high cube container’s extra foot is great for shipping, because the extra space it offers is considerably more – in a 40 foot container you gain an extra 344 cubic feet. You can also stack taller items as well. The extra foot in height makes high cubes a very popular container for conversions and modifications as well, because you get a container with naturally higher ceilings. So if you’re thinking of converting a container for a workshop, garden shed, backyard office, guest accommodation, granny flat or outdoor room, a high cube container is the way to go. They’re also the best choice for a shipping container tiny home (or large home, if you put a few together!). Their popularity means that used or secondhand high cube containers can sometimes be a little bit hard to come by, simply because they are so versatile and sought-after, but we usually have some in stock.


Side Opening Containers

Side opening containers are also extremely popular conversion containers, not so much for shipping container homes as such, but for unusual uses like pop-up shops, cafes, trade show exhibits, art galleries, studios and workshops. Their wide opening side doors (most people would think of them as front doors) simply need to be opened up to create a terrific workspace. Add electricity, lights, and perhaps a bench or counter and you have a fully functioning, retail or exhibition space. Add a sink, coffee machine, and barista, and you have a café.

Your Shipping Container is Waiting for You!

If you need a shipping container – be it general purpose, side loading, high cube, modified, used or new – for shipping, storing, sleeping, working, exhibiting or selling, here at Shipping Containers Melbourne we have one waiting for you. Whatever shipping container you need, we can ship it out to you, pronto. (Often within 24 hours, if you live in Melbourne or Victoria.)

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