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Shipping Container Bars/Cafés

Entrepreneurs looking for shipping container bars in Melbourne to help build your small business empire…step this way! If you’ve got a great little business idea that now needs a workable space and you’ve decided that a shipping container is part of your idea’s future, Shipping Containers Melbourne can help! Along with selling and hiring shipping containers for their original uses, we can also modify them into pretty funky shops, bars and cafés as well.

Shipping Container Cafés

Melbourne is famous for its cafes, they’re embedded in our culture, and each new one that opens is cooler than the last (bulletproof coffee anyone?). If you’re a talented barista game enough to take on the discerning palate of a Melbourne coffee drinker, then you want to make sure that all the costs are going into the quality of your brew – not the coffee shop rental costs! Even tiny hole-in-the-wall cafés are commanding premium rent these days, so something a little out of the box is definitely worth looking into. If you have access to a bit of unused (or as yet unused land), a portable converted shipping container café can be a fantastic low-cost and transportable alternative to a bricks and mortar outfit. When the owner wants to use their land you can ship it somewhere else.

Shipping Container Bars

In Melbourne, you wouldn’t have to go too far to find a whisky or wine bar, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more! Especially a compact, secure, lockable, transportable bar, made out of (you guessed it!) a shipping container from Shipping Containers Melbourne. If you live near any of the many beautiful wine regions in Victoria, a small shipping container bar showing off the local produce would bring tourists in droves.

Take a look at any of the special container modifications we’ve done down through the years, and you’ll see the kind of modifications that can be made to a shipping container to turn it into a fabulous, functional bar. The Hare and Hound here is a great example. It’s fully insulated, has a kitchen sink, work bench, servery window, fold down deck, a floor that can be hosed out and a floor waste outlet. Come closing time, the bar can be locked up tight to keep your fine wines and whiskies safe. Want a roof-top space, hydraulic decks, remote-controlled awnings, a funky paint job? We can do it all, just ask!

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Shipping Container Shops

It has to happen. If London, Christchurch and Buenos Aires have a shipping container mall, then surely Melbourne will have one soon too…now there’s an idea for enterprising future fashion empire owners! In the meantime, you can start small with just one shipping container pop-up shop and take it from there. The latest designs in clothing, furniture and jewellery would look spectacular in a converted shipping container. Books, paintings, environmentally-friendly wares, and vintage goods would all be brilliant as well.

And Don’t Forget the Arts!

Let’s not just stop at shops! Melbourne’s art scene is a fantastic one, and a shipping container ‘art space’ could be a great way to form a collective and gain unique studio space. They would make a fantastic performance and exhibition space as well: intimate poetry readings, unplugged musical sessions, tiny drama performances, classical recitals….the list goes on.

Eat, Drink, Shop and Be Creative with Shipping Container Bars Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for so many things, but food, bars, shopping and the arts are top of the list. And every one of those ventures can profit from the unique and portable benefits of a customised, shipping container. Here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, we’re the people to help you do it. We have one of the biggest container modifications in Australia, and all our containers are guaranteed. So whatever creative or artistic idea you can come up with, you can be sure that Shipping Containers Melbourne can help you modify and customise your container into something exciting and unique. Got a great idea for a shipping container bar, pop up cafe, shop, business stand, café or creative space? Then give us a call on 03 7018 7555 or send us an email and let us help turn your exciting idea into an exciting reality.

Shipping Containers Melbourne – Bars

Melbourne is such a lively city, blessed with some of the most exciting bars in Australia, but there is always room for an interesting newcomer to break onto the scene. Thanks to Shipping Containers Melbourne, there is now a fast and cost-effective way to launch your own venture – cool, functional bars adapted from our tough steel shipping containers.

You could be lucky and find a permanent site in a seriously bohemian part of town like hipster heaven, Fitzroy or nearby Collingwood and Carlton, where they love a bit of industrial chic. Or you could opt for the short-term approach and take advantage of the easy portability of shipping containers by setting up temporary bars at sports events, music gigs, open-air concerts, festivals, exhibitions, trade shows and outdoor markets. Our shipping container bars come in a choice of 20 or 40-foot lengths, providing plenty of space to store all your drinks and ice. You could even install food preparation areas to provide a beneficial extra income stream.

Far More Than Just a Metal Box!

Despite having past lives plying the oceans on cargo ships, many of our customer’s shipping container bars are as far removed from utilitarian metal boxes as you can imagine! Not only can you paint them with your logo and hang distinctive signage, you can also clad them with timber and colourful plastic and fit full-width glass doors and skylights, to bring the sun flooding in. If space permits you could surround your bar with decking, tables and bright parasols, to attract even larger crowds of drinkers.

Inside your bar Shipping Containers Melbourne can install refrigeration and air-conditioning units, plus full electrical wiring, so you will never be struggling for plug sockets or lights. Imagine setting up near Brighton Beach during a surf competition, getting the cool tunes cranked up and the cold beers flowing – that is the kind of job anyone would love!

Portability Offers You So Many Options

Despite possessing a permanent feel, your shipping container bar can be rapidly dismantled and headed for a new Victoria location on the back of a truck in no time at all. One day you could be serving chilled champagne to a well-heeled, yachting crowd at St Kilda Marina, and the next you could be pouring out pints of beer to a grungy festival crowd. With so many al fresco events in Melbourne throughout the year, there are countless opportunities for determined new bar owners. You just need to clear things with the local council before setting up.

If you have specific modifications in mind but are not sure if they are do-able, please feel free to call our customer service team and our smart engineers will do their best to make it happen. We can even help with your Development Application (DA) to the local authority.

Tough Shipping Containers Promise Years of Service

All bars are subjected to constant wear and tear, but our rugged shipping container bars in melbourne, built from marine-grade Corten steel are more than capable of withstanding everything you can throw at them – even a hyped up festival crowd or hordes of football fans. With regular maintenance and the occasional coat of paint, they will also endure extremes of heat and the wildest of storms whipping in off the ocean. They defy the efforts of most thieves, especially if we fit steel shutters and lock boxes for you, which protect them from angle-grinders, power drills and bolt-cutters. You can leave your bar unattended overnight, even in remote locations, without having to worry about your stock being stolen or your container vandalised.

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