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Hiring a shipping container from Shipping Containers Melbourne couldn’t be easier! With three types of containers available to hire (General PurposeHigh Cube and Refrigerated) and costs starting from as little as $3.25 per day, a  container hire melbourne makes great financial sense, both for companies and for the general public.

So if you need to hire a shipping container have a chat with our friendly customer service team and let them help you choose the container you need. It’s as easy as calling 03 7018 7555.

Can Anybody Hire a Shipping Container?

They certainly can. Though big business and corporations form a large part of our customer base and they use shipping containers extensively, we certainly don’t discriminate at Shipping Containers Melbourne. If you’re a big business, small business, part of an organisation or member of the general public, you can hire a shipping container today.

Container Hire or Container Purchase – Which is Better?

Buying a shipping container is a good option if you are planning to use it for a long time, and have a property to store it on. But container hire melbourne is an efficient and easy alternative to buying, as Shipping Containers Melbourne arrange everything for you, including ensuring the container is in good condition, the delivery and removal.


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Many of our customers use a container for a short time while they are renovating (great for storing whole roomfuls of furniture and belongings) or building their new home. They’re also ideal for when you need secure storage for a set period of time. You may be going overseas, travelling around the country, or shifting somewhere for work for a while. You may even just have the kids moving back home, and need a place for their gear that won’t fit in your house, but is too good to get rid of (and who knows when they’ll be moving back out again?)

Our container hire service is a boon for businesses as well. If you import or export goods, or ship them by road or rail across the country, a hire container is a useful alternative to buying a shipping container you don’t have room to store. Our containers are all maintained to a high quality, and will do a great job of keeping your precious goods safe. Our refrigerated containers for hire are also a great business convenience. More cool room space can be easily achieved in busy periods simply by hiring one of our 20 or 40 foot refrigerated containers. There’s plenty of cool room in there, and you can just have it removed when it’s no longer required!

Types of Shipping Containers Available for Hire

General purposerefrigerated and high cube containers all available for hire at Shipping Containers Melbourne. Easily transported, fully watertight, built with solid Corten steel and designed to withstand everything the elements can throw at them, they are available for hire in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes at very competitive prices. If you’re not sure what size container you need, no need to worry. We are very experienced at working out what size is the right size for our customers. We can also help answer any questions that you may have regarding shipping container weights, dimensions, uses and limitations.

Moving House? Try our NEW Load Yourself Removals Container Hire Service

There’s no doubt about it, moving house can be a stressful business. And it can be expensive, too. But you can help mitigate costs in a big way by doing some of it yourself. And here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, we make doing it yourself easy with our great Load Yourself Removal Service. How does it work? Very simply, that’s how. We deliver a shipping container to your house. You pack it. We take it to your next house. You unpack it. We remove it. See any by-the-hour removalists in that set-up? No? That’s because there are none! It’s a great way to DIY your move, without the expense of removalists.

Shipping Container Hire Period

We don’t have a maximum as to how many weeks or months you can hire a shipping container, and we don’t have any set contracts (we know, things change, and the last thing you want is a shipping container hanging around when you don’t need it anymore!). We do have a minimum hire contract for 3 months, but we can remove the container at any time before the three months is up. So if you only need it for a week, you pay for 3 months (don’t worry, the costs are incredibly reasonable) but we will pick it up after a week if that’s what you want. Of course if you want a container for a very long time, you may be better off buying. It’s completely up to you.

Melbourne container rentals

Cost of Shipping Container Hire In Melbourne

Remember we mentioned those incredibly reasonable costs? Hiring a shipping container from Shipping Containers Melbourne starts at just $3.25 a day! If you’ve looked at other storage options (which, remember, you have to take your goods to yourself) the great reasons for hiring a shipping container really start to stack up. Because we deliver the container direct to your site, you have access to your storage whenever you want it. No removalist vans or trucks required! Depending on where you live, our self-storage prices are often up to 50% cheaper than other methods. If you’re looking to contain costs when storing your goods, a container could really be the answer!

Shipping Container Hire Restrictions

Before hiring a shipping container, it is worthwhile checking out whether there are any regulations or restrictions imposed by your council on siting a shipping container on your property. Some councils restrict the number of days you can have one on your property, and may also restrict where they are placed.

Delivery of your Shipping Containers – The Fun Part!

No matter how many times we see it done, there’s something pretty exciting about loading up a shipping container. All that solid steel! All that weight! All that hugeness…simply picked up and put down like a big toy! Delivering a shipping container is easy for us – we do it all the time. The bit you want to get right from your end is the footings (if you want to keep the container off the ground, you will need concrete blocks or wood for each corner), the siting (flat is important) and access to your property. We use a number of different methods to get your shipping container to you, and will work out the best way to manage it when you call.

Shipping Container Delivery Times

How soon do you want it? In Melbourne and most parts of Victoria, a bog-standard shipping container can be with you the next day. We also have depots all around Australia, so if you’re shipping a container to a mate (they make a great gift!) or another part of the country, we can still arrange to get it there quickly. Of course if we have to build you a completely customised container, that may take a little longer.

Hire your Container from Shipping Containers Melbourne Today

At Melbourne Port Containers, we work hard to ensure that your Shipping Container Hire experience is a good one. So we try and make the process easy for you. Added to that, we make sure the quality of our containers is absolutely top-notch. In fact, we guarantee it! We have a Health Check’ to ensure our containers are in great condition. Plus our container hire Melbourne rates are incredibly reasonable, and remember, we don’t lock you into any set contracts. So if you need to hire a shipping container, give us a call on 03 7018 7555 or fill out the quote form and hire it from Shipping Containers Melbourne today.

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