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High Cube Containers Melbourne

As big as Shipping Containers Melbourne’s standard containers are, there are occasions when our customers need some additional height to accommodate unusually lofty loads. Our 9’6” high cube shipping containers provide you with a useful extra foot of headroom but, perhaps surprisingly, also offer 12% extra storage space over a 40-footer of normal height. And with double doors that open 270-degrees loading becomes a cinch.

Our high cube shipping containers are of the finest build quality, using marine-grade Corten steel, which is the proven industry standard, corrosion-resistant and easily paintable in colours or designs of your choice. They are safe, secure and can also be fitted with lock boxes to deter potential thieves. Whether your cargo is waiting in a compound at Port Melbourne or making its way across stormy seas to another continent, you can rest assured that it is well protected from the elements.


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