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Modified Shipping Containers

We think everything is fun about shipping containers, but modifying them is the REALLY fun part. Turning an ordinary steel box into something you can live in or work out of is always pretty amazing, and here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, we’ve perfected the art of modifying shipping containers to the highest degree.

There are three ways you can take advantage of our modified container part of the business: (1) You can choose from pre-modified containers like accommodation containers, ablution blocks, site offices and first aid rooms, all set up and ready to go. (2) You can get a plain shipping container and accessorise with a few extras like insulation, roller doors, personnel doors, windows, air-conditioning or electrical fitout. Or (3) you can go all out and design a stupendous shipping container creation of your own, which we can then bring into reality in our container modification centre.


Modified in Australia, with a Money Back Guarantee

Shipping Containers Melbourne is 100% Australian owned company and our special projects container modifications are all done in our Australian modification centre. Plus, all of our shipping container conversions and modifications come with a money back guarantee. Which means that you get a real piece-of-mind when you buy a modified container from the experts.

Pre-Modified Shipping Containers

We sometime wonder what the mining and construction industry did pre-shipping containers. Then we remember: tents! Not ideal, especially in today’s tech-rich world where you need secure and sturdy air-conditioned structures to house all the technology necessary to run a worksite. And especially not in Australia’s harsh conditions.

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If you’re in mining or construction and need to set up or expand a site, our pre-modified range of shipping container accommodation, ablution blocks, site offices, first aid rooms, lunch rooms, and switch rooms can give you a working worksite within a couple of days. And of course, you ship them out at the end of your tender.

Shipping Container Modified Accommodation

Shipping container accommodation is extremely comfortable, strong, and sturdy and can be set up quickly. Oft used by large corporations, modified containers are also great purchases for the general public. From granny flats, teenage games room, guest accommodation, home office, art studio, writer’s retreat…it all works wonderfully with a modified container. So take a look at how a simple container can expand your available living space.

Simple Add-Ons: Accessorising Your Shipping Container

First, choose your box…then go to town with the accessories. Every business has different needs, and you can customise your shipping container very easily with just a few small tweaks. At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we have a huge range of simple accessories that you can choose from to give you the exact container that you need. Doors (personnel doors, roller doors, extra double doors at the other end or personal access door), windows, awnings, drop down benches, shelves, walls, floors and air-conditioning can all be easily added to your container. Even kitchens and ensuites can be found on our accessories list! We can also paint your container to your specific branding, and add electrical fit-outs and lighting.

Special Projects: Converting Your Shipping Container

Got a grand idea in mind for a shipping container? We’re the people to help you make it a reality. We have one of the biggest shipping modification centres in Australia, and a group of talented modification specialists team who can do amazing things. Whether you’re taking your business on the road, or just need a cost-effective permanent structure that needs to be transported somewhere, we can help. Perhaps you don’t even have an idea yet? You may have a problem that needs solving (or a challenge that needs meeting!) and are not sure how to go about it.


Here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, we think a shipping container is the answer to every question! One of our latest container special projects was a portable shipping container stage for a radio station promotion, which doubled as a secure storage facility when the stage wasn’t in use. The Tough Mudder Media Centre here was another of our great designs. For art galleries wanting to exhibit around Australia, a container is a great way to take your show on the road and ensure the valuable artworks are safe. A building business that sees its workers disappear up the road for smoko three or four times a day could ship in a coffee shop container, complete with barista, and the type of food that caters to a hungry, hard-working team. A farm or property with machinery scattered across different areas could have a mobile shipping container workshop …perhaps a mobile shearing shed! On the road: music festivals, art shows, consumer expos, travelling roadshows, and promotional businesses can all benefit from a converted shipping container.

On the ground: We can help with special projects that don’t need to travel either! Google ‘cargotecture’ and you’ll see the amazing permanent structures that have been created out of shipping containers. Restaurants, cafés, shops and bars, shipping container homes, tiny houses, swimming pools, backpacker accommodation. So even if you’re not planning on traveling, you can benefit from a shipping container. Tell us your idea or problem (sorry, challenge) and see how the talented team at Shipping Containers Melbourne can help!

So…How Would You Like Your Shipping Container Modified?

You can choose one already modified, for ease and speed. You can add a few minor tweaks like paint, air-conditioning, ramps or windows. Or you can go to town with a special project that will have people talking about your business and product for years. Whatever you want, here at Shipping Containers Melbourne we can arrange it for you, so get started now by giving us a call on 03 7018 7555 and let us arrange everything for you. (Or you can simply email us or fill out our short online quote form above.) We’re the experts in shipping container modification, so if you need a shipping container modified, Shipping Containers Melbourne are definitely the folks to call.


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