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Shipping container shelters are a pretty nifty invention, and if you think they look like something that could be found in a movie about colonising Mars, well, we wouldn’t argue with you! Designed to shelter large (make that huge!) items, shipping container shelters are quick to construct, can be moved around from site to site and provide a handy dual purpose of shelter and anything else that you want to use the shipping containers for at the same time, be that storage, accommodation, a site office or lunchroom (for example.)

Container shelters are used in many industries, including mining, construction, energy, transport, agriculture, viticulture and more. Create instant shade, protect from the elements, secure your expensive equipment…all with a transportable shelter that’s easily constructed and installed.

Take a look at the kind of shelters we can provide here at Shipping Containers Melbourne. As you can see, they can store and protect items like mine equipment, industrial machinery, tractors and trucks, chemicals, produce, stock, agricultural equipment…basically anything you want kept away from the elements. Wet weather, hot weather, cold weather, frost – a container shelter can counter them all. The shipping containers beneath the shelter provide their own useful functions as well. And when you need to move operations? You simply take the whole shebang with you.

Container Shelter Design

The container shelter design is incredibly simple. First, two (or more – it’s always done in pairs) shipping containers are placed opposite each other, on either side of the space where the goods that need to be housed will be placed. The high-domed shelter is then simply secured to the shipping containers to create a cover. Protecting tall goods or equipment is as easy as stacking the containers two-high, which gives a 5 metre high wall and, of course, all the storage or work space that those extra shipping containers bring. Four containers and a shelter give you a complete worksite with shelter (accommodation, first aid room, site office and storage area) neatly and compactly. End walls can also be arranged if you need to completely enclose your equipment or site. Bigger shelters can also be built using more shipping containers.

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Completely Portable…or Permanent Shelters – You Decide!

Shipping container shelters (like shipping containers themselves) were originally designed to be portable, but often become permanent fixtures. So even if you don’t need to ever move your shipping container shelter, it could be the ideal solution for your storage needs.

Range of Container Shelters Available

Here at Shipping Containers Melbourne we have an economy range and premium range of shipping container shelters available to you. The economy range is available in a select size range, in a range of colours. The premium range of shelters come in a large variety of sizes and you can also arrange for your shelter to be custom made to order if you have a specific size that you require. The standard shelters handle winds up to 152 kms an hour, but higher wind rated shelters (up to 316kms) are also available. Our shelters are constructed to Australian Standards and are incredibly strong and durable – each one is covered by warranty (between 5 and 10 years, depending on the shelter.)

Shipping Container Shelters Features:
  • Economical shipment
  • Easy to construct – no building licence required
  • 6-16 m wide, 6-30+ m length

  • Strong and durable tensile membrane

  • Custom sizes available

  • Custom manufacture available

  • Permanent or transportable designs

  • Place on shipping containers, walls or posts

  • Stand-alone models also available

  • Low radiant heating

  • Wide range of colours to suit you

  • Total sun block out if required

  • No beams – no problems with birds!

  • Standard units are wind-rated up to 152 km an hour

  • Higher wind ratings up to 316 km an hour available

You’ll Love the Dual Benefits of Our Container Shelter Design

As mentioned above, the really nifty thing about container shelters (apart from the fact that they are transportable) is the impressive dual benefits of functionality and protection. First, the shelter. Easy to construct (no building licence required) strong and windproof (up to 316km per hour), it provides a high domed shelter that can house the biggest equipment. Secondly, the shipping containers themselves. Not only do they form the base of the shelter but they can be used for secure storage, or anything else that you use a shipping container for. (Like accommodation, ablution blocks, site offices or first aid rooms.)

Just Want the Shelter Without Containers?

Container shelters were originally designed to use a shipping container as the base. However, shelters that can be sited on walls or posts are now also available, and standalone shelters as well. So you don’t even need a shipping container to take advantage of a shipping container shelter! Large worksites, farms, properties, nurseries, mine sites….these can all benefit from a shipping container shelter, with or without the shipping container base.


Need a Shipping Container Shelter? Get it from Shipping Containers Melbourne

There are many businesses that will benefit from a container shelter, and if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate. If you have been considering a new warehouse or hangar for your large-scale shelter, you may like to consider a shipping container shelter instead. Take a look at our range and see if a shipping container shelter (either permanent or portable, standalone or on shipping containers or posts) is a viable option for you. Whether you need permanent or temporary shelter for your goods and equipment, a shipping container shelter (with our without the accompanying shipping containers!) could be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at the container shelters available, and then give us a call on 03 7018 7555, or fill out our quote form above and we’ll help arrange the shipping container shelter that’s perfect for you. And remember, we’re 100% Australian owned, and all our containers (and container shelters) come with a money back guarantee. Don’t wait. Give us a call today.

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