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Shipping Containers for Sale

Buying a shipping container is easy with Shipping Containers Melbourne. As one of Australia’s leading modifiers of shipping containers for sale, we offer the best deals on new, used and modified shipping containers, and can deliver right across Melbourne and Victoria – you can have a shipping container delivered in 24 hours. We also have depots situated around the whole of Australia, so we can deliver your container wherever you need it, quickly and easily.

The Best Place to Buy a Shipping Container

Shipping Containers Melbourne buy and sell used shipping containers, and over the years we’ve learned how to recognise the different shipping, storage, and modified containers that people required. From basic ‘I want to hire a container’ or ‘I want to buy a container’ questions, through to ‘We need purpose-designed container modifications’, we’ve learned how to do it all. These days, our shipping range includes general purposehigh cubeside loadingflat rackopen top, insulated, and refrigerated containers. Our pre-modified range of containers includes accommodation containers, site offices, first aid rooms, lunch rooms, portable ablution blocks, dangerous goods containers and more. We also custom-modify shipping containers to industry’s (and the general public’s) specific requirements.

Buy a Shipping Container for Export or Import

Originally built to transport goods by rail, truck or sea, a shipping container is the best way to ensure that your goods arrive safely. We have a huge range of shipping containers for sale in melbourne including general shipping containers for general goods, high cube containers (which give extra height and space, but not weight) and side loading containers for easy access.

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We also offer specialised shipping containers include open top containers (enables easy loading by crane, but is still secured with a lid or tarpaulin after loading), flat rack containers for goods that are large, long, tall or awkward, refrigerated containers for produce that needs to be kept at a required temperature (frozen or chilled), and insulated containers (when a steady temperature or short cold chain) is required. If you know what you want, great, place your order! If you’re not sure of the best container for your needs, our customer service team can get right on to it and find out the best one for you.

Buy Shipping Containers for Mining and Construction Sites

Fifo workers would be familiar with the kinds of prefabricated shipping containers required by the construction, mining and energy industries. Because sites are only temporary, the equipment all needs to be shipped in to start work, and shipped out again once finished. The shipping containers we have for sale include everything required to set up a fully-functioning worksite, including portable accommodation and ablution blocks, site rooms, switch rooms, recreation rooms, lunch rooms, fully-stocked first aid rooms, training containers, explosive magazines and more. We’ve spent a lot of time working out what’s required, and are pretty proud at how our containers can make a worksite work more efficiently and effectively.

As you can see, we’re well set up to look after any of your shipping container purchase needs! We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and have years of experience in the industry. So whether you’re procuring for a big mining or construction company developing a new project, a member of the general public needing more storage or living space, an entrepreneur with a great shipping container idea, or you simply run a business that imports or exports goods, Shipping Containers Melbourne are the place to buy your shipping container.

Shipping Containers Melbourne

Accessories for Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers Melbourne can also add a range of accessories to your shipping container, including extra doors, windows, insulation, paint, ramps, electrical fit-outs and air-conditioning. Check out our accessories, or call and discuss your specific requirements.

Buy a Shipping Container to Create a Unique Business Idea

Shipping Containers Melbourne are Australia’s specialists in all types, styles and sizes of containers. We’ve spent over a decade modifying shipping containers, and our innovative technicians are always looking at ways to make something better / bigger / smaller / neater or simply more effective. They also get pretty excited when a customer brings an idea to the table, and they’re able to help create a new purpose for a shipping container. Take a look at our special projects page and see the fantastic things that can be done to a shipping container with some clever technical trickery. Shipping containers have been used to create unique swimming pools, funky bars, chic retail shops, quirky coffee shops and stylish hotels. Take a quick look at the special projects page and see how we can bring your business a whole new lease of life with a simple shipping container. And remember, there’s no such thing as a bad idea!

Buy a Shipping Container to Live or Work In

Love the idea of a tiny shipping container home? How about a shipping container mansion, made out of several containers either stacked (shipping containers have the strength and functionality to be stacked eight-high) or spread out (we have joining facilities available as well). If you’re planning something grand, an architect and container specialist builder is recommended (and don’t forget about council regulations either). However, if you’re looking for something a little simpler, like a granny flat, guest accommodation, teenage retreat, studio, holiday retreat or home office/workshop/ check out our fantastic range of pre-built accommodation. We think you’ll be surprised at the great designs available – and the low cost!

Council Regulations for Shipping Containers

Different councils around Australia have different rules regarding shipping containers on residential properties, so making sure you check what’s allowed or not is pretty crucial! A quick chat to your local council should be able to give you all the information you need to tick this box, though. And the vast majority of councils are fine with you having a shipping container on your property.

Getting your Container Delivered to Your Home

Given their size and weight, arranging the delivery of a shipping container may seem alarming; but don’t panic! Shipping containers were designed for transportation, and our drivers are very experienced in loading, unloading and delivering shipping containers. We will have a chat and determine the best method of delivering your shipping container to you. The trickiest part for you is making sure that the site is prepared (in a flat position, and with footings if you want the container to be off the ground) and that there is adequate access to your property.

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Fitted Out Shipping Containers

Buy a Shipping Container to Store All Your Stuff

If you’re planning on heading around the country in a caravan, you could get a house-sitter to come and look after your stuff. Or you could store it all and rent out your property – hello free holiday! Obviously this doesn’t work out so well if you have pets that need looking after too. But if there are no pets and kids to worry about, or you can inveigle a friend or family member into sharing their home with a cuddly cat (you can probably take the dog) then using a shipping container to store all your belongings while you rent out your house is definitely worth a thought. Shipping containers are also perfect for storage of any tools or toys that you have so that you can use the garage for your car (or as a workshop). Also useful on farms and properties for storage of equipment and supplies.

Shipping Container Classrooms, Studios, Workshops

Schools and community centres can also benefit from the convenience and utility that a shipping container brings. If a sudden influx of students or the introduction of some new courses or popular programs cause over-crowding, a shipping container may just well be a great (temporary or permanent) solution. We can provide extra classrooms, science labs, workshops and craft centres…whatever is required. Fully insulated and air-conditioned, they can be fitted out to your exact requirements, and make a great extra work space.

Shipping Container Accommodation for the Tourist Trade

Do you have a business that caters to tourists? Caravan parks, holiday parks and farm-style accommodation providers can all benefit from the convenience of shipping container accommodation. Many backpackers just want a basic place to sleep that doesn’t cost the earth and are happy to do without the flourishes – a bunk style container is perfect for this situation, and doesn’t need to be flash. Having said that, shipping container accommodation is very fashionable now, so you can make them very stylish. Travelers enjoy staying in something a little different, and shipping containers can be a fun and funky form of accommodation. Whatever form of shipping container accommodation you decide upon, we can help create it for you.

Emergency Shelter Shipping Container Accommodation

Natural disasters can happen anywhere. Here in Victoria we may not suffer too many earthquakes, but storms, floods and bushfire are all to common realities. Easily transported and easily removed, prefabricated accommodation shipping containers are a speedy and versatile solution for when emergency housing is required. At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we have a range of accommodation containers ready to go. We can also supply remote ablution blocks which don’t require power or water.

So What Does it Cost to Buy a Shipping Container?

It really depends on the shipping container, and what you are planning to use it for. If you’re buying a used container to use as a shed or storage on your property it will cost around two or three thousand dollars. A new, basic residential container cabin comes in at under $10,000. To get shipping container for sale in Melbourne, just give us a call on 03 7018 7555 and we’ll be able to give you a quote and price list. Easy!

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