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Flat Rack Shipping Containers

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we often get requests from customers wanting to transport particularly tall, cumbersome cargoes, which simply won’t squeeze into a conventional shipping container, even one of the high cube variety. Thankfully we have the option of flat-rack containers, which are also useful for items that need loading from above or the side, rather than through end doors, like lengths of pipe or large pieces of machinery.

Up to 40-feet long, flat racks are essentially a floor structure with high loading capacity, built from a rigid steel frame and incorporating a softwood floor and two end walls, which can be collapsible or non-collapsible, depending on the load. They are perfect for handling heavy, over-wide or over-height loads. Despite not possessing side walls, they still remain strong enough to be stacked by crane, thanks to tough weight-bearing corner fittings.


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