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The first rule of worksites is that you do not talk about worksites! Well, okay, maybe that’s not quite true…because as everyone knows, the first rule of a worksite is to set up your site office. And there’s no easier way to do that than by calling Shipping Containers Melbourne for best quality site offices in Melbourne. Then, with the site office is in place, the whole, huge project can start forming from there. After all, a site office is the command centre on any big project, and can be found on worksites, construction sites, energy and mining sites all over Australia (and the world). It’s one of the first things shipped in, and one of the last to be shipped out.

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What is a Donga?

This is a quite common question for those not from Australia. But for those working in or around the construction, mining or energy industries, the term Donga is very common, and basically means any temporary or semi-permanent dwellings.  So, in theory, a ‘Donga’ could be any of a dozen or more different types of converted or modified shipping containers used on a worksite. But by the far the most common use is to describe the humble site office.

Australia’s Best Site Offices

Here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, our container site offices are one of our top sellers, and when you see one, you’ll know why. Remember, shipping containers are designed for a long lifespan in rough conditions so they’re built tough! Every container is constructed to withstand the rigours of long ocean voyages, stacked up to eight containers high. From there they’re transferred by crane to truck to train to warehouse – or no warehouse at all! So a shipping container is well able to handle all that a busy construction site or mine site can throw at it. Ours are the strongest on the market, and offer impressive security.

Site Office Fit Outs Are Our Speciality

Need a shipping container site office in a hurry? Then Shipping Containers Melbourne is the first place to ask. We have a range of secure site offices mebourne ready to go, complete with insulation, air-conditioning, lights, electrical fit-out, personnel doors and windows. So if you’re in Melbourne or Victoria, we can get a shipping container site office in melbourne out to you the next day. We also have depots all around Australia, so chances are wherever you live, we can organise something quickly and easy (though remote areas will obviously take longer!).


Customise Your Site Office Your Way

If you’re not in a hurry and want a site office with a few refinements or custom-built additions, we can do that too. You can add extra fittings or items from our accessories list, or have a container customised further to suit your exact requirements. We have the largest shipping container modification centre in Australia and specialise in purpose-built site offices for all industries. This means that we can design and manufacture a site office for your specific requirements. A secure storage area, waterproof floor, heavy-duty shelving or a computer server area can all be arranged to create the perfect site office for you.

Site office features
  • All Australian made.
  • Transportable and relocatable

  • Modular and expandable – build up or out

  • Tough and secure

  • Waterproof, windproof, pestproof

  • Different layouts available

  • Large range of sizes

  • Ready to go, or modify to suit

Site office accessories available
  • Lights

  • Electricity fit out

  • Data and phone fit out

  • Air-conditioning

  • Personnel doors

  • Windows and shutters

  • Office furniture

  • Customised fit out


Site Offices for Festivals, Roadshows, Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Site offices aren’t just for big business. We also create site offices that can be used in the arts or exhibition business as well. So if you’re planning a festival or a travelling exhibition, we can help you with everything you need as well. Along with site offices in melbourne and first aid rooms, we can provide ticket booths, information kiosks, exhibition containers, toilets, food outlets – even a green room for your performers, or a VIP room for guests you want to impress.

A Site Office Makes the Perfect Home Office

If your life could do with a little order amongst the chaos, why not install a site office in your backyard? Seriously, an office separate to your house (but on your land) can be a real boon to busy families and businesses operating in the SOHO (Single Owner Home Office) arena. It’s the ideal way to separate your work life from your home life. With the everyday quotidian distractions of your family life kept at arms length, you can finally concentrate on working on your business, rather than working in your business.

Need a Site Office? Get it from Shipping Containers Melbourne

If you need a site office that’s ready to go delivered tomorrow, or one that’s modified to suit your specific needs, Shipping Containers Melbourne is the only place you need to call  to get your perfect site offices Melbourne

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