Shipping containers can be used for so much more than their originally intended use of transporting goods. From extra storage to a temporary home office, or an easy and affordable way to move home, there are endless ways that a shipping container can be utilized.

That’s where Shipping Containers Melbourne can come in to help! We have a massive range of shipping containers including new and use, small and large. We have three types of shipping containers available for hire: general purpose, high cube and refrigerated. Hiring a container with us can start out as little as $3.25 per day, making in an affordable short-term solution.


It’s pretty safe to say that most Aussie could use a bit of extra space around the house. Whether a new addition is coming to the family, you’ve got family or friends that are needing to stay for a while or you’ve got a lot of gear from your many hobbies, many of us find ourselves a little cramped in our homes. Renting a shipping container can be such a simple and cost-effective, fantastic solution to this issue.

Why do shipping containers make such excellent storage options we hear you ask? Firstly, it’s the nearly unbeatable durability and safety of shipping containers. Originally made to travel great distances, across the country and overseas, in sometimes rough conditions, shipping containers are highly durable and secure. Of course, for extra security, you can always add external locks to further secure your belongings.

Another reason they make an ideal storage solution is that they are water and vermin proof. With the unbelievable amounts of rain we’ve been experiencing so far in 2022, having water proof storage is basically non-negotiable. As for vermin, nobody wants to find a furry friend (or their droppings) in their clothes or sofa. With a shipping container you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings will stay dry and unwanted visitor free.

Better still, you aren’t beholden to the typical issues associated with storage companies such as only being able to access your belongings within opening hours and creeping or hidden fees. With a hired shipping container, you can have access to your belongings 24/7 and we don’t do any nasty hidden fees. With our containers starting out cheaper than a daily cup of coffee, it’s a cost point that just about every can smile about. For a short-term storage solution, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more affordable or convenient storage option.


If you’re looking for a more long term storage solution or any other long term use for shipping containers, we’ve also got you covered. Buying a shipping container from us rather than hiring may work out as a better option if you plan to use it for an extended period. We have an extensive range of shipping containers to choose from including general, dangerous goods, high cube, flat rack, open top and side opening. We mostly stock 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, however we do have some varieties available in 10ft as well. We even have a range of pre-modified containers ready to go.

For something a bit more unique, our team can work with you one on one to create your dream tiny home, home office, work shed, coffee shop or just about anything else you can think of. Our experienced team with expertise in modified containers will be able to can create everything from simple conversions with windows, shelving and doors, to spectacular living or working spaces equipped with all the comforts you could want like air-conditioning, shower and toilet, kitchen and plenty more.

We’re a 100% Australian owned company on a mission to provide high-quality shipping container products and accessories with fast delivery nationwide. We always go above and beyond to cater our clients and exceed their expectation. We’re confident in saying that we provide the best customer service in Melbourne. We sell and hire hundreds of shipping containers to the general public through to massive companies and organisations including Qantas, Victorian AFL, Myer, RMIT University.

For hassle free, budget shipping containers for sale and hire Melbourne with exceptional customer service, you can’t go past Shipping Containers Melbourne. Give our friendly team a call or go to our website for an obligation free quote.