We have top quality container shelters for sale in Melbourne. Buying directly from us ensures you receive heavy duty yet cost effective shipping container shelters.

We manufacture affordable container shelters for sale in Melbourne.

Our mean manufactures a full range of quality shipping container shelters. You can easily store and protect large items. Businesses use these shelters to store large vehicles, mining equipment, industrial machinery, etc. Container shelters are incredibly robust; they endure all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Our standard container shelters can handle winds up to 152 kilometers per hour. We can also manufacture shelters that have a higher wind rating. These containers can handle winds up to an incredible 316 kilometers per hour.

Dome container shelters are quick and easy to construct.

We simply place shipping containers in parallel, on either side of the space to be sheltered. Then, we mount a dome shaped shelter on top of the containers. Additionally, we can install end walls if you require an enclosed shelter. Whether you need a permanent or portable shelter, a shipping container shelter is your answer. We have all kinds of shipping container shelters for sale in Melbourne. All you need to do is contact our team for a free quote.

We provide dome shelters – with or without shipping containers.

There are many advantages to our shipping container shelters for sale in Melbourne. The shipping containers provide additional space that can be used for a variety of functions. Whether you need additional storage, an site office, a workshop, etc., you can modify the shipping containers accordingly. You can even stack two containers on top of each other. This creates a higher dome, and provides even more container space for your use.

Of course, if you don’t want shipping containers, that’s not a problem. We can erect our dome shelters on walls or posts. You can even invest in a portable stand-alone shelter. This is particularly useful on large work sites.

We manufacture two ranges of container shelters for sale in Melbourne.

You can choose between our Premium and Platinum ranges of container shelters. The Premium range is available in a wide range of sizes. We can also manufacture a custom shelter according to your specifications. Our Premium range is pre-made, in a set range of sizes. We make all our container shelters in compliance with Australian Standards. Every shelter comes with at least a 5 year warranty.

Benefits of our shipping container shelters…


There are many reasons why various industries invest in our shipping container shelters.

  • We charge affordable rates for shipping and assembly.
  • You are not required to have a building license to construct a shelter.
  • Width: from 6 to 16 metres
  • Length: from 6 to 30+ metres
  • Made from durable tensile membrane.
  • You can specify requirements for a custom shelter.
  • You can choose from permanent or transportable shelters.
  • We can erect domed shelters on containers, walls, posts, or as stand-alone structures.
  • Low radiant heating.
  • Available in a variety of different colours.
  • You can opt for total sun block.
  • No beams, which means you won’t have the nuisance of roosting birds.

From nurseries to mines, we manufacture quality container shelters for all kinds of industries.

Contact our team for a free quote on a quality container shelters for sale in Melbourne.