Are you in need of a shipping container? If so, you may find yourself weighing up whether it is better to buy or rent one. There is much to consider when making this decision and what works for one person may not be right for another.

Given the sheer size of a shipping container and the challenges faced when moving or relocating them, it’s important to make an informed choice. Doing so can save you both time and money in the long run.

To help you determine the best and most cost-effective option for your needs, we’ve prepared this simple-to-follow guide reviewing the pros and cons of both options.

Renting A Shipping Container

Renting a container is ideal for anyone seeking a quick, inexpensive and short-term solution to their storage or transport needs. When opting to rent, you should consider:


  • Lower upfront costs with no lump sum needed, only a monthly rental fee
  • There are usually plenty of containers available to rent at any one time depending on the rental company, making it easy to source one
  • You can have your container delivered to your chosen site and collected when done without having to dispose of it yourself


  • Renting usually means less choice in the types and sizes of containers available
  • You cannot modify or customise a rented container, it must remain as is
  • Renting can become more expensive than purchasing if you end up keeping the container long-term
  • There may be contractual limitations on where you can move the container during the rental period

Buying A Shipping Container

If the pros and cons of renting don’t meet your needs, then opting to purchase a shipping container may be the better option.


  • Buying a container allows you to modify or customise it to meet your needs
  • Can save you money in the long term when compared to ongoing rental costs
  • Potential for a better return on investment when selling a modified container
  • More choice on type and size of a container when purchasing vs renting


  • Less flexibility when it comes to disposal, have to wait for a buyer
  • Higher upfront costs can mean a lot of money initially compared with monthly rental prices
  • Not suited for those needing a simple short-term solution for storage space
  • Buying a container makes you responsible for its upkeep and maintenance

Rent Or Buy – Which Is Right For You?

Ultimately the decision on whether to buy or rent a container will come down to your available budget and the intended use of the container.

If you simply need a quick storage solution for a matter of months, buying will not be the best choice as it costs more and locks you into dealing with a large heavy container until you can sell it. Renting means you can easily swap container sizes if your needs change or have it collected in a matter of days when done.

If you intend to convert a container into a pop-up shop, cafe, studio office or similar or need to store items for a long period of time, buying is ideal. Owning the container means you have full control over how you use it, change it and where you can place it.

When you’re finished with it, you can simply sell it on – something our team can also assist with if required.

How Shipping Container Melbourne Can Help

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, our team have years of industry experience and can guide you through the best options for your needs. We consider your unique circumstances and requirements so we can recommend the right container at the right price, every time.

We both sell and rent containers of all types and sizes, giving you quality options at affordable prices. Delivery is available Australia-wide and we can facilitate the quick collection and relocation of your container as required.

No matter your needs or budget, we’re here to make your experience of buying or renting a container straightforward. Call 03 7018 7555 today.