Boasting one of the biggest shipping container modification centres in Australia, our team are experts at creating amazing container homes Melbourne. Whether you have a problem, a challenge, an idea, or a design, contact our modification specialists for professional assistance at affordable rates.

We create a wide range of container homes Melbourne to suit all kinds of needs and budgets.

There are many things about shipping container homes that are appealing. But we love the fact that imagination, engineering and design will work together to transform a bare steel box into your dream home. From tiny houses to expansive family homes, there are limitless options when it comes to building container homes Melbourne.

Modified shipping containers can provide a wide range of accommodation solutions.

Pre-modified shipping accommodation is a quick and affordable option. It’s a great way to take advantage of additional space on your property. Accommodation containers are ideal for a guest suite, granny flat, or a teen pad. You are able to provide a comfy space for more people, without the cost, hassle, and permits involved in building renovations.

If you are looking for a house, then a shipping container home is an affordable alternative to trying to enter the Melbourne property market. Because of their modular design, shipping containers can be adapted to suit your needs. From a tiny house to a family home, you can finally afford to purchase a house. And not just that – you can be involved in the design process and enjoy a custom home that is stylish, durable, and sustainable.

Container homes are an eco-friendly solution, and can achieve a high star energy rating.

With sustainability and upcycling becoming prominent buzzwords, it’s no wonder that more people are looking to shipping container homes as a viable option. Containers are strong, durable and portable. Purchasing a used shipping container as the basis for a home is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Adding insulation and double glazed windows not only boosts thermal efficiency, but creates a more comfy environment inside your home. There are a wealth of additional features you can choose to add, such as a hot water system power by solar panels. This versatility makes the process of designing your shipping container home incredibly exciting – and enables you to receive the perfect end result.

Container homes Melbourne 2022

Our shipping container homes are top quality and comfy, complete with all the mod cons you desire!

Many people, understandably, assume that a container home will be a cold and impersonal steel box. And whilst the starting point is indeed a quality Corten steel container, our modification specialists will transform it into a comfortable home. You will be able to work with our team, to ensure that your container home is designed to suit your taste and your lifestyle. Simply contact us to discuss the kind of home you envisage.

For quality shipping container homes Melbourne, contact our experienced team!

All you need is a piece of land, planning consent, and our team. We love a creative challenge, and would love to create your dream home.