Where are shipping containers made? The answer varies for standard versus modified shipping containers.

Where are shipping containers made? Many are made in China.

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we receive all our new shipping containers from China. We ensure that we source top quality corten steel containers that meet international standards. Our team ensures that we can supply a wide range of standard shipping containers to transport just about any type of cargo.

Because shipping containers are made to a global standard, no matter where they are made, they are suitable for local transport via road, sea, and rail.

Many – if not all – of our competitors also source their shipping containers from China. You can rely on Shipping Containers Melbourne to ensure that you receive the best possible value for money. We only supply robust containers, and at very affordable prices too.

However, when it comes to modified containers, there is an important difference between us and our competitors.

Although many of our competitors have their modifications done in China as well, at Shipping Containers Melbourne we do all the modification ourselves on Australian soil.

Our experienced team is adept at a wide range of shipping container modifications. We find that doing these modifications ourselves allows us to provide our customers with the best possible product.

At Shipping Containers Melbourne we have a range of pre-modified containers that includes all the modifications typically used on construction, mining, and other sites.

We love a creative challenge, and take on custom shipping container modifications too. Everything from swimming pools to stores is possible!