Shipping Containers Melbourne offers reliable and trustworthy container sales in Melbourne. Because we have gained extensive experience in the shipping industry, we can offer reliable advice. Purchasing directly from us enables you to get durable containers at great prices.

Our container sales in Melbourne include a wide range of shipping containers.

All our shipping containers meet the highest industry standards. They are tough and, therefore, able to withstand the rigours of transportation and weather.

The most versatile, and therefore popular, containers are our standard shipping containers. We sell general, high cube, and side loading shipping containers. If you need a more specialised shipping container, we also sell insulated, refrigerated, open top, and flat rack shipping containers.

We sell both new and used shipping containers at great prices.

Both new and used shipping containers have their own advantages. Buying a used shipping container from us means that you pay less, but can nevertheless be assured of the quality of the product. We ensure that all the containers we sell – both new and used – are top quality, and suitable for their intended use.

Looking for a modified shipping container? We sell custom containers too!

Converted shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not only cost effective, but a great way to upcycle and reduce your impact on the environment. We have completed a wide range of modification projects. From basic offices and facilities for construction sites, to upscale eateries and homes, there is no limit.

Whether you are looking for new, used, or modified shipping containers, make sure to contact our expert team for fantastic service and affordable prices.