At Shipping Containers Melbourne we have both new and used general purpose, high cube and side opening 20 foot shipping containers. People most commonly use these three containers for shipping, storage and converting.

General purpose shipping containers

This is the type most commonly seen stacked on a ship or in the dockland area. General purpose shipping containers are the most well-known of the various shipping containers available. They are simple and versatile, exceptionally strong and nigh-on-indestructible. Experts have designed them to withstand hundreds of long sea or rail journeys. And, in addition, the constant transfer from ship to truck to train to warehouse (and vice versa). This strength and versatility of the general purpose containers makes them popular for purposes other than shipping as well.

Once a general purpose shipping container has finished life on the sea or road, it is not the end. It can still be used for many years in other capacities. Some will have spent many years travelling long distances, whilst others may have only done one or two trips. Whatever their travelling history, you can be sure that if you buy a used or second hand general purpose container from Shipping Containers Melbourne, it will be in good condition.

Customising 20 foot shipping containers provides endless possibilities.

We can modify and customise 20 foot shipping containers to your exact specifications, from simple items like extra doors, windows, shelves, air-vents, and painting, to complete conversions like roadshow exhibits, accommodation, container cafes, shops and bars.

Swift service – guaranteed!

Whatever style or type of shipping container you need, we can arrange it for you. And remember, in many cases you can have your container delivered to you the very next day, especially if you live in Melbourne or surrounding areas.

All it takes is one phone call…

To order your general purpose, high cube or side loading 20 foot shipping container, give us a call and let us sort it all out for you.