Buying a shipping container is easy with Shipping Containers Melbourne. As one of Australia’s leading modifiers of shipping containers for sale, we offer the best deals on new, used and modified shipping containers.

We can deliver right across Melbourne and Victoria. And you can have a shipping container delivered in 24 hours! In addition, we also have depots situated around the whole of Australia. Therefore, we can deliver your container wherever you need it, quickly and easily.

The best source of shipping containers for sale in Melbourne

Shipping Containers Melbourne buy and sell used shipping containers. Over the years we’ve learned how to recognise the different shipping, storage, and modified containers that people require. Therefore, from basic shipping containers to purpose-designed container modifications, we know how to do it all.

Originally built to transport goods by rail, truck or sea, a shipping container is the best way to ensure that your goods arrive safely. We have a huge range of shipping containers for sale in Melbourne. These days, our shipping range includes general purposehigh cubeside loadingflat rackopen top, insulated, and refrigerated containers.

Additionally, we have a range of pre-modified containers. These include accommodation containers, site offices, first aid rooms, lunch rooms, portable ablution blocks, dangerous goods containers and more. Therefore, these are ideal for mining and construction sites.

Our containers include everything required to set up a fully-functioning work site.

Fifo workers would be familiar with the kinds of prefabricated shipping containers required by the construction, mining and energy industries. Because sites are only temporary, you need to ship in all the equipment to start work, and ship it out again once finished.

We also custom-modify shipping containers to industry (and the general public’s) specific requirements.

We’ve spent over a decade modifying shipping containers. Consequently, our innovative technicians are always looking at ways to make something better, bigger, smaller, neater or simply more effective. And so they get pretty excited when a customer brings an idea to the table and they’re able to help create a new purpose for a shipping container.

Take a look at our special projects page. See the fantastic things that can be done to a shipping container with some clever technical trickery. We have used shipping containers to create unique swimming pools, funky bars, chic retail shops, quirky coffee shops and stylish hotels. Take a quick look at the special projects page and see how we can bring your business a whole new lease of life with a simple shipping container. And remember, there’s no such thing as a bad idea!