Shipping Containers Melbourne offers affordable shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne. We have a wide range of shipping containers for sale and hire, many of which can be dispatched to you within 24 hours.

For the most affordable shipping containers in Melbourne, it pays to purchase directly from us.

Buying a shipping container directly from us means that you are able to get the best possible price. If you don’t want to purchase a container, and are looking for shipping container hire instead, the same applies: you will receive top quality shipping containers at the cheapest rates. We offer the cheapest shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne. But it’s not just about affordability: you need to ensure you are receiving a safe, cargo worthy container.

We provide reliable and trustworthy shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne.

Shipping Containers Melbourne offers very competitive prices. However, we don’t skimp on quality. For both shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne, we ensure we only provide containers that meet our high quality standards. No matter whether you are wanting to ship cargo or build a shipping container home, you need to know that the container(s) you receive are sturdy, robust, as well as wind and water tight.

What different types of shipping containers do we have for sale in Melbourne?

If you have ever visited, or seen pictures of, Port Melbourne, you will be aware of the variety of shipping containers that are available. Although there are various different types of shipping containers that are available to purchase or rent, they all adhere to the relevant international standards.

Shipping Containers Melbourne supplies a full range of shipping containers throughout Melbourne and Victoria. By far the most popular of all our shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne are our versatile general purpose containers. Our general containers all adhere to the standard height of shipping containers, although they are available in three different lengths: 10ft 20ft and 40ft. They are suitable for shipping many different types of cargo. In addition, they made excellent ‘building blocks’ for all kinds of shipping container upcycling projects.

If you need a shipping container with a bigger volume, then a high cube shipping container is a good option. This type of container is a full foot higher that the standard height shipping containers. This increases the overall volume of the shipping container considerably, and make it perfect for cargo that needs just that little bit more space.

For very large, heavy, or bulky cargo, an open top or flat rack shipping container might be more suitable. These containers are specially designed so that it’s easier for cranes to place and retrieve large machinery and equipment and other bulky items that need to be shipped. However, the sturdy construction of these containers ensures that the cargo is still adequately secured during transit.

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, our shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne includes a range of specialised shipping containers. For example, we have containers that are specifically designed to safely store and transport dangerous goods. Specialised dangerous goods containers are the only option that should be used when explosives, weaponry or other potentially dangerous items need to be stored, contained, and shipped.

Other specialised containers include insulated containers and refrigerated containers. Insulated containers are designed to keep non-refrigerated goods at a constant temperature. This is useful for a wide range of items that could be damaged if the internal temperature of the container were to fluctuate due to outside weather conditions during transit. Refrigerated and frozen items require a specialised refrigerated shipping container to prevent thawing and spoiling during transit.

Not sure which type of shipping container to purchase or hire? We are here to help!

The friendly team at Shipping Containers Melbourne has a wealth of experience in the shipping industry. No matter what you would like to use a shipping container for, we will be able to provide you with professional advice and guidance regarding shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne. Simply contact us for friendly service, helpful advice, and the cheapest prices.

Another advantage of choosing to contact us directly is that we are often able to dispatch your container(s) within 24 hours!

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with superb service. When it comes to shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne, it pays to contact us directly. We have an unbeatable variety and quantity of shipping containers available, so we are able to dispatch them incredibly quickly.

We will deliver your shipping container(s) directly to your site, ensure everything is safely offloaded, and positioned on the premises according to your directions. With Shipping Containers Melbourne, shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne is simply quicker, easier, and cheaper.

Our team also modifies shipping containers and carries out a wide range of custom container projects.

Modified shipping containers have long been used at construction sites, mines, and other sites requiring affordable, temporary and mobile facilities. Therefore, we have a range of pre-modified shipping containers available. This range includes a wide range of facilities typically used on site, such as first aid rooms, administration offices, accommodation, ablution facilities, storage, and more.

For those looking for something with a bit more flair, we are able to take on all kinds of custom container projects. From shipping container homes to pop up shops, restaurants, and even container swimming pools, we are able to do it all. It’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that has less impact on the environment and your budget.

For shipping container hire and sales in Melbourne, trust none other than the experienced and friendly team at Shipping Containers Melbourne. We offer efficient service, competitive prices, and expert advice. Contact our team today to find out more!