When buying or using a shipping container, measurements and dimensions are of crucial importance. So how can you tell if your shipping container is wide enough?

Our team can help you determine if your shipping container is wide enough for your cargo or project.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the standard width of a shipping container is 8ft (2.43m). Secondly, remember that there are different means of loading your cargo into a container.

General purpose containers have a set of doors at the end. Side loading containers have sets of doors located in the side of the container. Open top containers allow us to lower goods into a container by crane. Although all of these containers have the same width, the different means of loading them must be taken into account. If you are intended to transport something large or bulky, then a flat rack shipping container might be best, especially when a standard shipping container isn’t wide enough.

We can also modify and customise shipping containers to your exact specifications.

In addition to shipping containers with standard measurements, our team is experienced in modifying and customising shipping containers. Therefore, no matter what purpose or project you have in mind, we are here to help you!

So, if you need a wider space for anything from storage facilities to a container restaurant, we will make it happen.

Our team will provide you will all the information and advice you need to select the best shipping container for your needs.

Simply contact us at Shipping Containers Melbourne for unbeatable customer service and affordable prices.