Shipping Containers Melbourne will provide you with the best shipping container price. We sell both new and used shipping containers at extremely competitive prices. No matter what you need a shipping container for, we will provide the most affordable solution. Simply contact us or fill in our Instant Quote form on our website should you require a quote or a price list. A shipping container is a large, wind and water tight steel box that is used to transport cargo by shipping lines. They are also vermin proof and cargo worthy, which makes them ideal for transporting goods. Shipping containers come in sizes of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

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There is no fixed ‘one price fits all’ answer here. We sell new and used, standard and modified shipping containers. Therefore, the price of your shipping container will depend on the type, size, and purpose for which it’s intended. If you need some guidance, our team is here to help you determine which shipping container is best suited to your needs. However, whatever you are looking for, we are cost effective and will be able to deliver it at a cheap cost. And very quickly too!

In fact, many of our containers can be delivered within 24 hours.

We have simplified the purchase process to make it as quick and easy as possible for you. Our emphasis is on excellent customer service. Therefore, we work swiftly and efficiently for your convenience. No matter what shipping container you are looking for, we can supply it at an affordable price.

We have depots throughout Australia so that we can provide you with the container you need as quickly as possible.

Our team sells new containers for shipping goods. We also have a range of pre-modified containers for mines and other sites. Furthermore, we can custom modify shipping containers to your exact requirements. All at the best prices. Contact our team for a quote or our price list.