Seeking rapid delivery of one or more shipping containers? At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we offer express shipping all over Australia. As quick as or quicker than the express post network, delivery times can sometimes be the next day in metro areas. 

Where next-day delivery orders are not possible, delivery can be in as little as 1-3 business days to other regions. Exact delivery times will depend on your location and the type and number of containers required. Delivery on weekends and public holidays can even be negotiated if needed! 

With decades of experience in the shipping container industry, we understand how quickly these orders need to be turned around and the intricacies of handling express delivery of such cumbersome items. 

No matter your container needs, our expert team is here to assist so you can enjoy the best customer experience.  Streamlined, fast and uncomplicated container delivery is one of our specialities. 

To help you prepare for your container delivery, we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide. 

Why Order A Shipping Container? 

Containers are incredibly versatile, being able to be used for a variety of purposes beyond their original intention as secure storage for ocean voyages. 

They are a great choice for low-cost, unique swimming pools, site offices, secure storage, long-term storage spaces, cafes, backyard studios, eco-friendly container home builds, ablution blocks, pop-up shops and so much more.

Modified shipping containers have no end of ingenious uses and thanks to their solid construction and longevity, they make for a great, cost-effective investment. They’re increasingly popular as a sustainable and eco-conscious choice that represents the ultimate in large-scale recycling.

With the support of our dedicated and highly skilled modifications team, we can support your alterations before the delivery of your new container. 

How to Make the Most of Your Order 

Whether you are after one container or multiple we can arrange rapid delivery. We offer competitive rates for delivery that can be negotiated depending on the size of your order. 

We recommend speaking with one of our expert team members regarding the placement of your order and discussing your needs in more detail.

Clarifying what the container will be used for when you need it by and your proposed budget for purchase/hire and the delivery fees will ensure you get exactly what you are after. 

Choosing Your Container

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we stock a vast range of container types both new and used. 

Our range includes

  • General-purpose shipping containers. 
  • Refrigerated shipping containers.
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers. 
  • High cube shipping containers.
  • Side opening shipping containers.
  • Insulated shipping containers.
  • Open top (hard and soft) shipping containers.
  • Flat rack shipping containers. 
  • Double-door shipping containers and
  • Bolster shipping containers.

We also have a team of experts in container modification available to consult with you should your intention be to repurpose the container.  Again, this is why we recommend consulting with our team who can guide you to the correct type of container at the right price for your needs. 

We guarantee all our containers whether new or second hand to be in excellent condition in accordance with their age and use. When you order for delivery, we only send quality containers that are still fit for purpose and safe. 

Preparing For Delivery

Before confirming the delivery date of your container you’ll need to ensure you have an appropriate place for it to be placed at the delivery location. Obviously, these are not items that will fit in boxes or can be managed by parcel delivery or Australia Post, so what can you expect?

Ideally, you should store your container on a prepared surface that is level and firm with good drainage. Should you store your container on a soft surface such as dirt or grass, it may sink into the soil due to the weight of the container itself. 

If this occurs you may face issues with opening the doors and with water ingress. Many of our customers opt to use footings, which keep the container up and off the ground, wooden blocks or concrete blocks can be used for this purpose.   

You’ll also need to allow for adequate access for delivery as most often your container will arrive on the back of a tilt tray truck, side loaded or crane truck. You will need to check for overhead powerlines and trees and ensure these will not impede safe access. 

As a rule, you will require a minimum of 4.8 metres of height, 3 metres of width and 18-20 metres of length in clearance. Be sure to discuss your intended location and access in advance of delivery to enable the most smooth, efficient and complication-free experience. 

Delivery – What To Expect 

On the day of delivery, your driver will be in contact to advise on the expected time of arrival. The time needed to off-load your container will depend on the size of the container in question, the truck used to transport it and the location in which it is being placed. 

For a tilt tray truck delivery, the bed of the truck is mechanically lowered at an angle, to allow the container to slide off, with the truck moving forward at a slow speed. This method is not suitable should there be overhead powerlines as while raising the truck bed the container may elevate to the height of the powerlines. 

For tighter spaces with less manoeuvrability or overhead dangers, a crane truck may be used to lift the container and place it firmly in its new location. The exact method of delivery will be discussed and decided in collaboration with one of our expert team members and based on the advice provided regarding the proposed location. 

All orders are monitored and insured for safe transit when you choose fast delivery from Shipping Containers Melbourne and we guarantee a stress-free and efficient delivery experience. 

Please note that while we happily deliver to homes, businesses and other locations across Australia, some councils impose regulations or restrictions on whether you can store a container on your property. This may include a restriction on the number of days you can have one on your property or advice regarding where they are permitted to be placed.

Delivery Costs

Unlike the flat-rate shipping costs you see for online orders of small items, the exact costs for delivery of your container will be determined at the time your order is confirmed. As many factors need to be accounted for such as delivery method, distance from our depot to your location and more, we will discuss this on an individual basis to ensure all is tailored to your situation. 

Do We Offer International Delivery? 

While international orders are not something we handle frequently if this is something you require assistance with we would still love to hear from you. We will always do our best to support our customers and find a suitable container and the best delivery option. 

Choose Quality Containers With Confidence 

When you shop with Shipping Containers Melbourne you can be assured of quality containers with a wide range of sizes available at competitive prices. Each of our containers has undergone an in-depth health check to ensure they meet our high standards for sale or hire. 

Unsure what you need or where to begin? Our expert team is here to support you in your selection and guarantee an exceptional experience from start to finish. Our decades of industry experience mean we have all the insider tips and tricks to make your container shopping and delivery as stress-free as possible. 

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of fast delivery from Shipping Containers Melbourne! Get your order quickly at a great price and without complications. To order or discuss our delivery service please contact our friendly team today at 03 7018 7555