We’ve discussed the virtues and versatility of shipping containers in our other blogs, but what about their pitfalls? Are there things you need to be aware of or avoid when using a shipping container?

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we have years of industry experience behind us and know all there is to know about shipping containers – both good and bad! To help you have the best experience with your container, we’ve prepared this easy-to-follow guide about what not to do.

How To Best Use Your Container And Avoid Problems

Far from being as simple as just packing and forgetting, there are some essential steps you should take when using your container. No matter what you plan to store or ship, following these tips can ensure your valuable belongings remain in perfect shape no matter how long they spend in a container.

1. Ventilation And Letting Your Container ‘Breathe’

Never underestimate the importance of proper ventilation for your shipping container. A lot of people think that due to how shipping containers are made, they are automatically well-ventilated.

However, this is not the case – if you’re planning on using a shipping container for storage, it’s important to ensure that there is adequate ventilation to avoid condensation and mould build-up. This is especially important if you are shipping or storing valuable items that could be easily damaged.

2. Secure Your Belongings

Shipping containers are designed to be sturdy and weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean that your belongings will be safe if you don’t secure them properly. If you’re storing valuables or items that are susceptible to damage, make sure to pack them securely and use appropriate straps or tie-downs to keep everything in place.

If your container is full to the brim and packed tightly there is less risk of items tumbling about. For this reason, we recommend choosing the right size container as this will help you minimise open space and reduce the risk of items moving about.

3. Don’t Overfill Your Container

Shipping containers are typically only available in sizes of 20 or 40 feet, so it can be tempting to try and pack as much as possible into them. Yet while you do not want your container to have too much open space as mentioned above, you also don’t want it overfull.

Overfilling your container can make it difficult to close the doors properly, and in some instances, it also puts unnecessary strain on the structure of the container itself. Depending on the load you’re shipping or the type of items, you’ll need to choose the right type of container as much as the right size.

4. Don’t forget about insurance

If you’re planning on storing valuable items in your shipping container, it’s important to make sure that they are properly insured. While containers are largely impervious to burglary attempts, it is possible to break into them with the right equipment. Likewise, water or vermin can also make their way into a container regardless of how well they are built. This makes insurance incredibly important

Many standard homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies don’t cover belongings stored in off-site locations, so you’ll need to purchase a separate policy or rider to protect your things. Be sure to advise your chosen insurer that the insurance is for items stored in a shipping container, not at a storage facility.

5. Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Shipping containers are designed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require any maintenance. Just like your home or car, they perform best when maintained and properly cared for.

If you’re using your container for storage, it’s important to check on it periodically to make sure that there is no rust, leaks or other damage. Discovery of these issues means you should arrange repairs as soon as possible. The quicker you resolve maintenance issues the less chance there is that they will escalate into a worse problem.

If you’re using it as a workspace or office, you’ll need to clean it out regularly and ensure that the ventilation is adequate.

Quality Containers For Sale And Leasing

At Shipping Containers Melbourne, we take pride in delivering high-quality containers, both new and used. Whether you wish to buy a container or simply lease one in the shorter term, we have a wide range of options available.

For those seeking to undertake a container modification process and turn their container into an office, pool, studio apartment, cafe, sustainable home and more, we have a highly skilled team to help. Working closely with specialised designers and builders with an interest in container modifications, you can create the extra space you dream of.

To learn more about your container options, how to best use your container or modifying a container for a new use, our team delivers unmatched advice. Experience the Shipping Containers Melbourne difference for yourself today, call 03 7018 7555 to get started.