At Shipping Containers Melbourne we have a wide range of shipping containers for sale in Victoria. We have all kinds of new shipping containers that we are ready to dispatch. Additionally, we also sell used shipping containers, which we can modify to your exact specifications.

New shipping containers for sale in Victoria at competitive prices.

We supply a comprehensive range of new shipping containers. No matter what type of cargo you would like to ship, we have the ideal shipping solution for you. We have lots of standard shipping containers that are suitable for a very wide range of goods.

Additionally, we have containers designed for cargo that requires certain features. There are containers that are designed to load and offload heavy, bulky machinery with ease. We also stock insulated and refrigerated containers.

People are increasingly finding the value in using used shipping containers.

Although used shipping containers might have finished transporting cargo, they can still be used for other purposes. Their strong, weather-resistant structure makes them ideal storage facilities. Moreover, modified shipping containers are being used for an ever widening range of projects.

No matter your project, we can modify used shipping containers to your exact specifications.

Our team takes pride in their excellent workmanship. We are adept at transforming shipping containers into all kinds of new structures. Construction and mining sites, for example, make use of modified shipping containers for offices, storage, ablution blocks, etc.

More elaborate projects, such as bars, shops, and even homes are becoming increasingly popular. You can entrust your project to the team at Shipping Containers Melbourne. Contact us to purchase shipping containers at reasonable prices.