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Shipping Container Homes Melbourne

It has never been harder for prospective homeowners to get on the Melbourne property ladder, with median purchase price close to $700,000 and rentals averaging $400 a week, it is clear why first time buyers, in particular, are struggling to find affordable accommodation. It is not surprising that Melbourne commands such high prices with its unique blend of café culture, world-class restaurants, street art, film festivals, historic markets, beautiful parks and Victorian architecture.

Fortunately, Shipping Containers Melbourne can offer you a compelling alternative – affordable yet highly attractive homes built from our repurposed shipping containers. Architects and interior designers have shown bags of enthusiasm in embracing the concept of container homes, attracted by the potential offered by their modular design and adaptability, not to mention their great value for money. Combine this with the obvious green credentials of these recycled steel boxes and you have a winning formula. All you need do is find a plot of land and gain planning consent, and you are just weeks away from moving into your own home.


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