To protect your worksites, employees, equipment or personal possessions, you need a high quality, durable container shelter built by industry experts. That’s where Shipping Containers Melbourne can help.


Traditionally, all dome containers start with at least two shipping containers. These are situated opposite each other and a high-domed roof is then secured to the container, creating a cover – a very simple yet highly effective shelter solution. Coming in at 6.16 meters wide and 6.30 meters in length with a strong and durable tensile membrane, they make for a massive protected, resilient and secure area.

A great benefit of having shipping containers beneath the shelter can be utilised to provide a purposeful function as well such as a storage space or can be converted into another usable space like a toilet block.

If you’re trying to secure and protect tall equipment, the shelter can be stacked two containers high to create a 5 meter high space. If four containers are utilised an entire worksite can be created, complete with accommodation, first aid room, site office and storage area. If you need to completely enclose and secure the area, end walls can also be installed.

What if you don’t want shipping containers? No sweat, we can make your container shelter using walls or posts. We can also make container shelters without beams so you can avoid wildlife such as birds from settling in.

Shipping container shelters can be utilised in a variety of industrial sectors. They can be used to protect and secure expensive equipment like a boat, tractor, mining equipment, trucks, produce, stock, agricultural equipment, chemicals and more.

They are also commonly used to provide protection from the elements, sheltering against harsh elements like sun, wind, rain and cold weather including frost on farms, nurseries, mine sites, large worksites and more.

Need to protect your employees from the harsh summer sun out in remote areas? We can create your shelter with total sun block out and low radiant heating to help keep your workers safe and cool from sun burn and heat stroke.

Dome container shelters can be an ideal solution and often more cost effective than other large scale shelter options such as warehouse or hanger. Another big bonus is that they are easy to construct and install. In fact, you don’t even need a building licence for them.


Yet another excellent benefit of a container shelter is that you can decide whether it is portable or permanent. Just like shipping containers themselves, container shelters were originally designed to be portable but can be made a permanent fixture if you so choose.


Here at Shipping Containers Melbourne, we like to provide our clients with a variety of container shelters to suit all requirements and budgets. That’s why we have created both an economy range and a premium range of container shelters. Our economy range has a smaller range of sizes and colours to provide better affordability. Our premium range of container shelters come in a huge variety of sizes and colours and we can even customise the size to fit your exact requirements. This way we can ensure that we have a shelter solution that caters to more of our clients.

Standard shelters can withstand wind speeds of up to 152kms per hour, however we also have shelters with higher wind ratings, up to 316kms per hour available. Our shelters are constructed in line with Australian standards making them extremely tough and resilient. They are also covered by warranty for between 5 to 10 years (depending on which shelter you choose).


We are a 100% Australian owned business with highly knowledgeable staff. With years of experience under our belts and industry specific knowledge, we can help to advise you on what shelter would be suit your requirements.

Container conversions are an area that we excel in, we can make just about any customisations you may need, providing you with the best shelter solution you could dream of. We work closely with all our clients, listen to your needs and do all we can to provide exceptional products and services. Best of all if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can rest assured knowing that all of containers come with a money back guarantee. What have you got to lose?

With depots located across the country, Melbourne shipping is super speedy. In most cases (with non-modified orders) we can have container delivered to you within 24 hours. Our friendly team are delivery experts and you can choose from a variety of different delivery methods.

For the best container shelters in Melbourne and Victoria, don’t go anywhere else. Give the friendly Shipping Containers Melbourne team a call today for a free quote on container shelters.