At Shipping Containers Melbourne we have both new and used 40 foot shipping containers. These include general purpose, high cube, side opening, open top, flat rack, insulated and/or refrigerated 40 foot shipping containers. People use these containers for shipping, storage and converting.

General purpose, high cube, and side opening shipping containers

This is the type you will most commonly see stacked on a ship or in the dockland area. General purpose shipping containers are the most well-known of the various shipping containers available. They are simple and versatile, exceptionally strong and nigh-on-indestructible. Experts have designed them to withstand hundreds of long sea or rail journeys. And, in addition, the constant transfer from ship to truck to train to warehouse (and vice versa). This strength and versatility of the general purpose containers makes them popular for purposes other than shipping as well.

Open top shipping containers

Open top 40 foot containers are a smart solution. Especially for the problem of loading bulky objects that cannot fit through conventional container doors. And in addition, cargo that cranes need to load due to weight, size or access issues. Solidly built from corrugated steel, their most common application is the storage and transportation of large items. These include industrial length steel and plastics, heavy plant and machinery, large vehicles and iron ore.

Flat rack containers

Flat rack shipping containers are often the only viable option when moving large loads, such as heavy plant, large industrial machinery, over-sized vehicles, timber, metal sheets or even tall boats. Our containers are specifically designed to meet international standards. Therefore, all ports have the capability to easily manage them, using either forklifts, grabs or cranes.

Insulated and refrigerated containers

Insulated and/or refrigerated shipping containers are essential when transporting and storing goods that require need to be chilled, frozen, or kept at a steady temperature. Refrigerated containers have a motor and require a power source or generator on the container, truck or train being used to transport the container. Insulated containers rely only on their insulation properties to maintain a steady temperature.

Customising 40 foot shipping containers provides endless possibilities.

We can modify and customise 40 foot shipping containers to your exact specifications, from simple items like extra doors, windows, shelves, air-vents, and painting, to complete conversions like roadshow exhibits, accommodation, container cafes, shops and bars.

Swift service – guaranteed!

Whatever style or type of shipping container you need, we can arrange it for you. And remember, in many cases you can have your container delivered to you the very next day, especially if you live in Melbourne or surrounding areas.

All it takes is one phone call…

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