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Insulated Shipping Containers Melbourne

If you are based in Melbourne and need to keep a large quantity of goods at an even temperature for a relatively short time period, but prefer to avoid the cost of a fully refrigerated unit, our insulated shipping containers could well be the most cost-effective solution. Available in capacious 20 or 40-foot lengths, Shipping Containers Melbourne’s solidly constructed containers offer you ample storage without the expense and hassle of providing a power source.

Flowers and plants, dry goods, carpets, fruit and vegetables, flour, animal feed, wines and even important archived documentation are all prime examples of loads that benefit from being stored in the protective atmosphere of one of our tough, insulated containers, built from high-grade Corten steel right here in Australia.


Ideal for Keeping Goods at an Even Temperature During Distribution

Provided we aren’t talking about foodstuffs that need to be kept within a specific temperature range for health and safety reasons, such as meats and dairy (our fully refrigerated units are the answer here), insulated shipping containers are perfect for moving bulk goods over relatively short distances. For example, if you have a consignment of vegetables that needs offloading at Port Melbourne and delivering to your warehouse in Victoria, you need look no further.

Short or Long-Term Storage Solutions

Insulated containers also come in very handy if you require short-term storage at a busy time of year. Many businesses, particularly agricultural or horticultural ones, are seasonal in nature and need extra space from time to time, yet can’t justify building an expensive permanent structure just for that purpose. What’s the point when it will be gathering cobwebs for most of the year? Instead, Shipping Containers Melbourne can rent you a 20 or 40-footer for as long as you need it, be it a few weeks or several months. Even purchasing an insulated container outright would be a lot cheaper than erecting a new building, plus you probably won’t need planning permission, because a shipping container is considered a temporary structure.

Temporary Workforce Accommodation

Melbourne is a rapidly growing city with cranes crowding the skyline and new developments springing up everywhere from Werribee to Dandenong, Greensborough to Mornington. Naturally these projects require workers who need to eat, rest and use washroom facilities. Fortunately Shipping Containers Melbourne’s insulated units can be modified to fill all these roles, with our engineers regularly converting them into canteens, rest-rooms, shower blocks and site offices. And once the job is complete you can simply return them to us or transport them to the next location.

We Rent or Sell Two Basic Types of Insulated Container

Insulated shipping containers come in two lengths and two basic versions: non-operational refrigerated (NOR) and purpose-built insulated. Externally they resemble our regular containers and can be painted or sign-written in the colours of your choice. They have exactly the same high-grade Corten steel construction as the rest of our range and can be stacked if necessary.
NOR containers had previous lives as refrigerated containers and are very sought after thanks to their excellent insulation and condensation-busting properties. NORs have had their original refrigeration motors decommissioned, so you do lose a little storage space due to the presence of te engine housing.
Purpose-built insulated containers are exactly that – designed and built from scratch to provide wind and rain-proof shelter for your goods and resist major temperature fluctuations. With a regular painting programme and grease on the hinges, they promise years of reliable service

Plenty of Flexible Storage Space

At up to 40-feet long, you can cram a lot of produce into all our shipping containers. We can usually find you a suitable unit at short notice, then deliver and install it for you anywhere in Melbourne or Victoria. So, if you are a food distributor and have the chance of landing a bulk consignment of flour at a great price but are struggling for storage, Shipping Containers Melbourne are the people to call. We can even install extra ventilation and anti-condensation features if so required. Just contact our friendly team for advice.

Carpet sellers, wine dealers, egg farmers, fabric manufacturers, book sellers and even fine art and antique dealers are among the many traders who regularly use insulated shipping containers to protect and store their precious consignments

Specifications 20′ Insulated Container 40′ Insulated Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 28.3 m3 57.8 m3
Max Gross Weight 22,111 kg 26,120 kg
Tare Weight 3,290 kg 4,360 kg


Dimensions Length Width Height
20′ Insulated External 6.06 m (20′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.90 m (9’6”)
20′ Insulated Internal 5.43 m 2.28 m 2.26 m
40′ Insulated External 12.19 m (40′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.90 m (9’6”)
40′ Insulated Internal 11.49 m 2.27 m 2.20 m
Insulated Door Size 2.34 m 2.58

You Can Even Turn Insulated Containers into Homes!

Converting a shipping container into a home may be the last thing on your mind, but rest assured, there are hundreds of units being converted into extremely attractive houses all over Melbourne, by young purchasers who appreciate a dash of industrial chic. Insulated containers, with their knack of providing an ambient temperature, are just the job. You can even join or stack the units to build your very own mansion!

Plenty of Options for Container Customisation

Our engineers can add extra layers of insulation, air-conditioning, ventilation and even solar panels. If you’re planning to run a business out of a container we can add everything you need – full electrical fittings and telecoms; shelving units; access ramps and all the utilities you’d normally find in a permanent building. We can even help you with planning permission.

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